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E-Learning Program (Bilingual)

Our rich pedagogy, comprising animated visuals and interactive activities, empowers teachers and engages learners—thereby driving a deeper understanding and retention of concepts. The program is constantly upgraded by infusing best practices from high performing systems like Singapore. While students can access the resources independently, teachers can also create and issue assignments and adaptive quizzes from a question bank of smart algorithms. While our program is available in Portuguese for grades 2–5, schools that use the English version of HeyMath! find that apart from better outcomes in Mathematics, the program also enhances students’ comprehension and fluency in English. Please click on the samples below to view the resources.

Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

Adaptive Assessment Solutions

Personalized assessments for students with teacher dashboard.

How it works
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Teachers can easily stitch together problem types from different topics to create and issue adaptive quizzes to students.

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Students are notified about the quiz and attempt problems one at a time using an easy interface.

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Students receive feedback on their responses and can also immediately see fully worked out solutions by question.

Student Report Image
Student report
The student score-card helps identify topics at an individual student level, where additional practice or help is required.
Teacher Report Image
Teacher report
The teacher’s dashboard shows performance snapshot of the class which helps identify topics that need to be revisited for the entire class.

Teacher Professional Development

At HeyMath!, we recognize the impact good teachers can create and the fact that increasing the overall capacity of teachers will in turn influence the understanding and performance of the learners. It is well known that teachers are constantly challenged to keep up with current trends in education and technology while also managing their time efficiently so as to complete the syllabus. We understand, therefore, that any new initiative will be successful only if it helps teachers connect better with their learners, saves them time, helping them innovate in ways that enhance the teaching learning process.

Here are some glimpses from the HeyMath! in-service training programs:

Effective ways of using HeyMath! resources
Effective ways of using HeyMath! resources
CPA and Model Method from Singapore
CPA and Model Method from Singapore
Teaching English through Math
Teaching English through Math
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